New HUB Day
8.06 EUR /HUB Day 2020 (no monthly fee)

One day access to co-working spaces in the 1st and 3rd floor of Hub Turku.

Please note:

1) All membership requests are subject to approval of the Hub Team who operate & manage Hub on a voluntary basis. Please allow us some time for the approval process; We do our best in reacting as quickly as possible, however due to our own day jobs and other commitments this process might take us up to 12 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

2) First entrance is only possible upon agreement because we will check each new Hubber's ID before granting them a personal electronic access to our front door.

Upon first arrival the newcomer will be given a Hub walk and our Hub Host will also help with practicalities, such as setting up the wi-fi connection etc. Hub Host's current service hours can be checked at our website

3) HUB Turku uses this membership management service called Cobot for the daily management and invoicing of memberships. Due to HUB's very limited service resources Hubbers are expected to manage their membership on a self-service basis through their personal Cobot profile.

4) Please be sure to read our full Terms and Conditions through the separate link in order to learn our "house rules" and other general principles concerning our services.

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  • HUB Day 2020
    8.06 EUR
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